The Lane Cove Historical Society Inc

Preservers of the history of Lane Cove, curators of Carisbrook Historic House and teachers to the younger generation.


The Historical Society

Since 1962, the LCHS has been researching the history and heritage of life on the North Shore. Its charter is also to collect and manage artefacts and memorabilia representing life in Lane Cove from the time of the Cameraygals, the Indigenous owners of the region, down through the subsequent two hundred and twenty odd years.

The LCHS encourages people to explore past events in Lane Cove and its environs:

  • to find out why people have settled in Lane Cove;

  • to consider the many challenges people have faced, both in the far and recent past in the area;

  • to consider the pleasures and excitements of living in Lane Cove;

  • to reflect on the many changes, social, institutional, and environmental that have occurred;

  • to preserve Lane Cove History in all its many facets;

  • to promote active research into Lane Cove and its development;

  • to celebrate interesting and inspiring persons, events and places in Lane Cove.

The LCHS also has the curatorship of Carisbrook Historic House and welcomes volunteers who feel they would like to contribute to the community in an interesting way by becoming a Friend of Carisbrook.

Friends of Carisbrook meet at 10am on the first Wednesday of every second month at Carisbrook Historic House. New members are very welcome, there are many ways that you can help and make a difference.




334 Burns Bay Rd
Lane Cove
NSW 2066

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